This site is a years late followup to some heated discussions about the future of journalism...

that led to a process diagram sketched on the back of an envelope that was promptly ignored for years. 

  A media echo chamber of silliness effectively cauterized the wounds in the Democratic leaning populace. 
    Not only must objective critical analysis occur (whether or not we call it journalism), that work needs to be given a fertile and sustainable soil from which to spring.
    The Growler is that soil.  Writers/Opinionists/Reporters/Journalists/Analysts (WORMEJA) have a new home from which to hawk their wares.
    The process is simple.  The WORMEJA register with and then submit their work to The Growler.  When the work is approved by invited experts from across a wide spectrum of disciplines, the work is made available to publishing organizations online for publishing on their platform under pre-determined, push button licensing agreements.  The WORMEJA/The Growler distribute those fees as agreed to in the WORMEJA Agreement.
    If the approved work is not picked up or is held back by the WORMEJA and The Growler, it is published online by The Growler and income derived from that publication is distributed as defined according to the WORMEJA Agreement.  It is expected that there will be robust discussion on all The Growler published stories with said commentary being from the WORMEJA and Registered or Anonymous users of The Growler.
    In consideration for the writer consenting to this arrangement, a small portion of the proceeds of The Growler will be set aside as defined in the WORMEJA Agreement.

Stay Tuned.