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Seed Stories being worked on.

--DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP- a look into fraudulent NYC deeds inspired by the malfeasance of Judge Donald Scott Kurtz.  Evolving story HERE.
--BRIAN MARK COGAN - a federal judge who has lost sight of his job, the constitution and, very probably, his soul. PRESS RELEASE -  Story HERE.
--OUR CAPU v. EL CHAPO - Mexican Drug Lord meets Brooklyn's hanging Judge Brian Mark Cogan-  Evolving Story Soon.
 - Pro-se in the 2nd Circuit?  Screw you, screw our own precedent and screw Lord Byron and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor too. 
--RAILROADING RADIN - All Lydia wanted was her medical school records.  Why did she end up on Rikers for 11 months and on a terrorism watch list?
--TRANSIT JUST WANTS TO BE FREE - A new take on an old problem.  Would free public transit work?
--COFFEE CRESCENDO - Has the Coffee bubble burst?

Eventual Thegrowler.org Highlights

--A robust commenting  system to glean those nuggets of wisdom of those who know to contrast with those who write and those who do.
--A moderation system of articles before they hit the web/streets.
--A meritocracy, if we can keep it.
--Marketing of the works to media outlets worldwide.