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THE GROWLER: a years late followup to some heated discussions about the future of journalism ...

which led to a process diagram sketched on the back of an envelope that was promptly ignored for years.

During the decade that followed, journalism went into a tailspin and is now, effectively, neutered at the traditional point of origin, Main Stream Media, who are now too beholding to the entities they should report on that even the pretense of speaking truth to power is gone.

Then a media echo chamber of silliness on all sides effectively cauterized a Democratic-leaning populace into a zombie-like apathy at the polls.

Since then things have only gotten worse as no side substantively interacts with the brainstems of the American populace.

Not only must objective critical analysis occur (whether or not we call it journalism), that work needs to be given a fertile and sustainable soil from which to spring.

The Growler is that soil.

Read on to see what we want to become.

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      1. Pro Se in the Boro of Brooklyn
      2. FIP - A cat tragedy
      3. Underneath the Transit covers
      4. Smarter than the Founding Fathers?
      5. Banks should fear BlockChain, not BitCoin

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We chose the name theGrowler from our remembrances of the our long-since left this mortal coil pet Alaskan Malamute, Attu, named after the western-most Aleutian island.

Attu took great pleasure in growling when she sensed danger.

That being said, here are some links to growlers and some discussion tabs.

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Political machine inertia ... -

... is the primary force in elections.

With so much going on in everyone's lives outside the election of judges, very rarely is the public informed enough to make an informed decision when an attorney is first up for election as a judge, resulting in party-line votes without any substantive evaluation of the candidates.

But in the Kings County Supreme Court, they must come up for re-election every 14 years for Supreme Court and 10 years for Civil Court.

After a decade or more of being a judge, one has more than party-backing to go by.

Until recently, reviews of how a judge did during his or her 10/14 year term were hard to come by.

Now we present scorecard of sorts.

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Early Millenium Migration -

Early in the millenium, educated young people migrated to (cheap) places where they could congregate.

They sought adventure there, in the coastal cities, places where many of there parents had fled in the decades long exodus to the suburbs (Levittown, Naperville, ...)

Then the recession struck, a by product of specious financial regulation and billions and billions on questionable wars to protect, mostly, oil interests.

This may have just been a blip in history, but those young-ish needed to eat, and put a roof over their heads.

Once congregated, they became a market unto themselves with critical mass enough to support almost anything as long as they were willing to live in the abandoned carcass of the cities.

Being a recession and all, they created their own economies by reinventing artisanal craftsmanship everywhere there had been just bland commodities for decades.

Beer, Pizza, chocolate, coffee, COFFEE, soda, mustard, mayonnaise, peppers, cupcakes, barbeque, whiskey, theater, music,  ...

It was if a great cry arose and said, YUCK!

Nowhere was this most evident than in Brooklyn, close enough to the wellspring of all media, Manhattan, but far away enough for cheap rents in nearly abandoned neighborhoods (Bushwick?).

They worked this for awhile and even elected the first black president, in part, by using nascent social media and sending droves of people to toss-up states door to door. 

Then they went about their non-political business as the economy slowly recovered.

Until 2016, the vote heard round the world.

All the media championed a candidate that had a several million vote advantage OVERALL, but failed to address the chess game afoot, the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, the only game that mattered (whether you agreed with the rules or not, they are the rules in play).

It is often said that votes are yards and states are touchdowns.

Who hasn't seen a team garner massive yardage but fail in the red zone.

The losers complained that they didn't know it was about touchdowns, but that yards should be the only metric.

They then complained that social media was used to influence voters, as if that hadn't been the case in 2008, whether foreign backed or not.  Disingenuous at best.

But then came the 2018 mid-terms and a shift in the firmament occurred.  Longstanding politicians saw the handwriting on the wall and did not run for re-election.  Other long time elected officials played the same old game and got beat by any other perspective than holding on to power for the boomer generation.

Thus, Ocasio-Cortez.

It is with this background exists to rock the vote by removing elected officials who are demonstrably, not smarter than a 5th grader.

Old Guard still standing ...

  • --House Votes to Kill Trump Impeachment Resolution
  • --At Rally, President Accuses Liberal Critics of Seeking the Nation’s ‘Destruction’
  • --House Holds Barr and Ross in Contempt Over Census Dispute
  • --Nato chief calls on Russia to save INF nuclear missile treaty
  • --Kyoto Animation fire: Twelve dead after suspected arson attack
  • --Brazil dam: How German firm approved Brazil dam before it burst
  • --House votes to block Trump's Saudi arms sale
  • --Japanese animation studio Kyoto Animation hit with explosion, many injured
  • --Scotland Is Now Generating So Much Wind Energy, It Could Power Two Scotlands
  • --5 people rescued after boat crashes into break wall in Lake Michigan, ejecting 2 passengers
  • --Ask Amy: Gran's money request strains family
  • --White Sox losing streak reaches 6 as they fall 7-5 to the Royals

Indie news of note ...

  • --Construction to start on first phase of the Old Town rebuild
  • --Change in Artscape’s boundaries brings fears of snarled traffic in Bolton Hill
  • --Baltimore’s mayor, out of town one-fifth of the time, is back from Las Vegas today
  • --Illinois prison officials are flying blind with electronic monitoring
  • --South and West Side WIC food benefit recipients face restrictions North Side families do not
  • --The long, bipartisan history of dealing with immigrants harshly
  • --New State Law Pits Privacy Against Free Speech, Public Records and Data Brokers
  • --How We Tracked Down the Information to Answer Questions About Tenant Complaints
  • --City Takes Step That Could Expand Housing on the Westside
  • --New Record Pressing Plant Drops The Needle In Old Bread Factory
  • --After The Trocadero’s Closing, Preservationists Ponder Saving The Interior
  • --Op-Ed: Painted Bride Art Center Mosaic A Lesson In Limits To Historic Designation

Science feeds of note ...

  • --A deadly fungus gives ‘zombie’ ants a case of lockjaw
  • --WHO declares a public health emergency over Congo’s Ebola outbreak
  • --Planting trees could buy more time to fight climate change than thought
  • --'The Raspberry Pi 4 Needs a Fan'
  • --California Awards $70 Million To State Schools To Replace 200 Polluting Diesel School Buses With All
  • --Oakland Becomes Third US City To Ban Facial Recognition
  • --Toxic toads found near Sydney spark fears of southward spread
  • --Swiss specialities: chocolate, cheese and ... wine?
  • --Timing of spay, neuter tied to higher risk of obesity and orthopedic injuries in dogs
  • --Florida is a preview of our climate change future
  • --Your state probably isn't prepared for droughts or floods
  • --Plans to build a massive telescope on sacred Hawaiian land have sparked protests—and arrests

Evolution feeds of note ...

  • --Does Long-Term Selection for Development Time Result in Canalization: A Test Using Drosophila melano
  • --A Toggle-Switch and a Feed-Forward Loop Engage in the Control of the Drosophila Retinal Determinatio
  • --Phenotypic Plasticity, Developmental Instability, and Robustness: The Concepts and How They Are Conn
  • --On the Origin of Socialist Darwinism
  • --Darwinizing the Federalist Papers: Preamble
  • --The “Benefits,” Risks, and Costs of Routine Infant Circumcision
  • --Frances Arnold Turns Microbes Into Living Factories
  • --The Benevolent Power of Other People
  • --Why Is This Ostrich Wearing an Extra Set of Wings?
  • --Crustose lichens with lichenicolous fungi from Paleogene amber
  • --Death as a human sacrifice awaited some travellers to a Mayan city
  • --Non-photosynthetic predators are sister to red algae

Espresso feeds of note ...

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