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GREGORY CERCHIONE - Criminal, Incompetent or Criminally Incompetent?

It is hard to tell if it is laziness, incompetence, hubris, greed or corruption. A case is can be made that is is a bit of all five, especially when the courts turn a blind eye to the problem.

What really remains to be seen is.... how much deed fraud is too much for the system of property transfer in NYC to withstand?

It is really quite simple. Deeds are the currency of real estate. There are strict rules that must be followed lest the whole thing go sideways.

It is so important that those rules are followed that whoever lends you money to buy real estate almost always requires that you get title insurance from someone who will research the chain of title step by step from time immemorial to the date of the transaction to make sure that you are getting something with a legit title. The title company insures the bank/buyer to the amount of the purchase price based on paying a premium.

Sometimes Title Companies make mistakes. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.

Sometimes Title Companies work fast and loose with the truth. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.

Sometimes Title Companies don't do due diligence. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.

Sometimes Title Company clients fraudulently induce them into insuring something. They either pay or tell their client that they are not required to pay because fraud cannot be the basis for a contract.

Where it gets really interesting is when the banks are too cozy with the developers and loan based on the property itself as collateral. If the buyer fails to pay they take the property. Simple, no?

But what happens if the deed itself is bad and there is no collateral for the bank to attach to?

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Lidya wanted her medical school records. Got 11 months on Rikers as well as on a terrorism watch list instead.

Lidya Maria Radin. A person like any other, save for the circumstances of her prosecution by the Southern District of New York and what appears to be a Soviet era quality show trial where judge Pitman avoids stating that his court follows the US Constitution, witnesses who are not allowed to be asked if they have read, let alone studied, the US Constitution which they have sworn an oath to support, uphold and defend and demanding a probable cause hearing or a simple review of probable cause gets one taken away by US Marshalls and held in a room while the judge debates how to screw you if you won't participate.

Yeah, I know, standard belief is that if one is being prosecuted, one is guilty. But this long, twisted repetitive stripping of a defendant of her rights ought to have everyone worried, scared and angry.

It has happened to Lidya Radin (charged with entering an public elevator after a hearing to which she was not a litigant and charged with attempting to enter the clerk of courts office in the SDNY).

It has happened to Jason Berg (tackled at full tilt outside Newark Courthouse for taking a picture of a car.)

It has happened to Louis Mumford (telling a judge that as his client was acquitted, his client was free to go).

It has happened to me, Eric Richmond (arrested for reporting crimes (felonies) by the Second Circuit to a Federal Judge).

It could happen to you. Make that it will happen to some of you.

Take heed now and see the inner workings of a system where no one even bothers to check the checker, watch the watchers or judge the judgers.

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FRANCOIS RIVERA - Pouting that a litigant took bat out of his hands... or petty tyrant?

At (wannabe news-ish) we sometimes take a look at the legal system from many viewpoints. Sometimes word of a situation reaches ears of those who have had not too dissimilar episodes in court.

Almost all of these are cases wherein the litigant is pro-se and is getting savaged by the court or they are represented by an attorney that fails to stand up to such judicial savagery.

One such case involves NYS Supreme Court Judge Francois Rivera.

I was asked to attend the proceedings to serve papers. That did not happen and I stayed to watch the proceedings.

It was quite an eyeful and earful.

First Call - Did not attend as all parties were not yet present.

Second Call - Saw a few cases. Most pretty innocuous. But there were three cases where Francois Rivera distinguished himself with considerable aplomb before the equivalent of a judicial F-Bomb on a litigant.

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Has the Coffee bubble burst?

There are always warning signs before an earthquake.  People don't often perceive the warning signs but anecdotal evidence suggests that animals often get a sense that something is wrong.

Only after the fact do humans do a post-mortem to see the signs that were available.

In this article we look at some signs we all should have seen.

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The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is squishing local artists with ridiculous trademark complaints.

Is a trademark of a place valid in the United States? We think not (it sure isn't in Britain as Canary Wharf Apartments learned).

Did William J. Thomashower overplay his hand ? We think he did in a few ways.

This simple T-Shirt design by has been attacked by William J. Thomashower on behalf of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.

First and then bowed to his will.

They covered their corporate behinds but there remains the Battle of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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Why do the SDNY and EDNY not open criminal complaints of violations like other Districts do?

May 10, 2017: I was arrested and charged for reporting a crime to a federal bankruptcy judge in my own hearing before that federal bankruptcy judge.

By the time the un-named and unbadged seemingly US Marshals, Court Security officers and Homeland Security officers were done I was stopped by at least 7 of them upon exiting the courtroom.

The lead goon (haven't found his name yet) just stood to the side.

The secondary un-named goon pictured here (call him Ginger as he is a redhead) asked me to come with them.

As he had no badge, I demanded his name. He said, again to come with them.

I persisted and asked a second and a third time.

Ginger then directed three homeland security officers to cuff me, which they did.

I immediately and repeatedly demanded, as is my right when being arrested absent a warrant, to be taken immediately before a federal magistrate judge. This they did not do.

After that I was forcibly taken by the goon squad to an elevator, forced to face the rear and spread my legs, forced into a room on the first floor and again forced to face a wall and spread my legs.

After 45 minutes +/- of questioning I was released and charged with the two counts of disorderly conduct.

What I have learned should cause anyone to take pause entering any building where the courts are housed, as they are lawless zones.

Goons. The lot of them.

LAST REVISION -- July 26, 2017 - MORE
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Is it really all that much to ask the courts to follow the law and the DA/US Attorney to prosecute violators of laws?

The Brooklyn Lyceum started out as the brainchild of the Boro of Brooklyn and architect Raymond Francis Almirall.

The Lyceum/Public Bath opened on January 1, 1910 sporting a large indoor pool and showers for hundreds of locals without hot plumbing (they were cold water flats).

More to come ...

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