FEDERAL VIOLATIONS BUREAU SCAM: Why do the SDNY and EDNY not open criminal complaints of violations like other Districts do?
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May 10, 2017: I was arrested and charged for reporting a crime to a federal bankruptcy judge in my own hearing before that federal bankruptcy judge.

By the time the un-named and unbadged seemingly US Marshals, Court Security officers and Homeland Security officers were done I was stopped by at least 7 of them upon exiting the courtroom.

The lead goon (haven't found his name yet) just stood to the side.

The secondary un-named goon pictured here (call him Ginger as he is a redhead) asked me to come with them.

As he had no badge, I demanded his name. He said, again to come with them.

I persisted and asked a second and a third time.

Ginger then directed three homeland security officers to cuff me, which they did.

I immediately and repeatedly demanded, as is my right when being arrested absent a warrant, to be taken immediately before a federal magistrate judge. This they did not do.

After that I was forcibly taken by the goon squad to an elevator, forced to face the rear and spread my legs, forced into a room on the first floor and again forced to face a wall and spread my legs.

After 45 minutes +/- of questioning I was released and charged with the two counts of disorderly conduct.

What I have learned should cause anyone to take pause entering any building where the courts are housed, as they are lawless zones.

Goons. The lot of them.

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Despite the ridiculous May 10, 2017 arrest orchestrated by Ginger and Eastern District of New York Chief Bankruptcy Judge Carla Craig, there is yet  another appearance before Judge Craig.

The appearance is on Tuesday July 18, 2017 at 11AM.  This is where we will again make a record of the malfeasances of the court such that the court must, as per the following law, report it to higher authorities or be guilty of a felony.

18 U.S. Code ยง 4 - Misprision of felony : Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

We think that a few watchers would be helpful to document the situation.

You may have followed the Bundy Case in Oregon, and what happened to Marcus Mumford, the attorney for Bundy and his crew. In case you have no idea about what happened have a look at this url:


Well that sort of thing is not just happening in the west. It is happening right here in the city as well.

Last month Brooklyn Resident Eric Richmond was assaulted by federal employees (Marshals?) who refused to identify themselves and illegally detained him after a bankruptcy hearing. Mr. Richmond's crime? Making a statement on the record before the judge, detailing crimes by, at a minimum, employees of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals who altered his docket to make it appear as if a District Court Judge (Brian Mark Cogan) was not personally served and was not in default of a petition for a writ of prohibition regarding issues with his bankruptcy.

When Mr. Richmond left the court room he was surrounded by 8 or 9 court officers and Federal Marshals who assaulted him, cuffed him, arrested him (for informing the court of a crime by the second circuit and, get this, blocking the 6' wide entrance to the courtroom) and detained him for 45 minutes.

According to Federal Law, absent a warrant, he should have been taken 'without delay' before a judge for arraignment on whatever charges they felt they had against him. They did not. He is now dealing with multiple criminal charges of disorderly conduct (one for blocking the court room door and one for reporting a crime to a federal judge).

This incident was a clear case of overreaching, overzealous Federal Judges, Employees and Contractors. Much like the charges against Mumford, it is expected that Richmond will also beat his disorderly conduct charges. But in the meantime, he has more hearings in his bankruptcy and each time he enters the court house, it is another chance for bad actions by bad actors claiming to operate in the name of We The People.

Tuesday 18 July at 11:00 hours Mr. Richmond has another hearing before the judge that had him arrested (Chief bankruptcy Judge Carla Craig) andwe are looking for any person who can be there to show up at the bankruptcy court in Brooklyn. The court is near the court street subway station (271-C Cadman Plaza E , Brooklyn, NY 11201).

Each of us should observe and take notes. There is less chance for bad action if there is a room full of interested note takers, and if there is a bad action it will be documented and can be taken public.

Keeping our officials on the straight and narrow is on point with a functional society.  We can all concurred with the need to observe courts and report on irregular happenings far and wide.

We can hope that the Judge, marshals and court security officers are all on their best behavior, but if they are not patriots should stand ready to observe and report.

If we do nothing we allow our republic to slip slowly from our grasp.