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      1. Pro Se in the Boro of Brooklyn
      2. FIP - A cat tragedy
      3. Underneath the Transit covers
      4. Smarter than the Founding Fathers?
      5. Banks should fear BlockChain, not BitCoin

Pro Se Reality

Appellate Division - Second Department

  1. Failure to address jurisdictional arguments ... CHECK
  2. Presiding judge just flat out lying to litigant ... CHECK
  3. Made up facts in decisions... CHECK
  4. Failure to address arguments in papers ... CHECK
  5. Failure to address cited case law  ... CHECK
  6. Failure to correct made up facts ... CHECK
  7. Same judges ruling differently on similar facts within decisions within weeks of each other ... CHECK

All these and more are the realm of the self represented. 

One wonders how deep and wide spread this is.

To figure it out we are downloading and watching and reviewing and collating notes on a years worth of New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department cases so see how the wheels of justice turn in Brooklyn.

The Year ... 2018.


Cat FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

  • Infectious
  • Not contagious
  • 100% mortality
  • No diagnostic test to confirm it
  • No effective treatment
  • Heartbreaking
  • Why is there no hope?

The author of the piece lost a feral kitten to the disease recently and need to know more.

Transit Reckoning

A subway line shuts down for 18 months to correct Hurricane Sandy damage.

Add some uproar and the 18 month mandatory minimum shutdown and, magically, no need to shut it down at all.

If the MTA made such unfounded assumptions on this issue, what else have they fumbled?  And at what cost.

A long term dive into public transit fundamentals and cost structures.

The Old Word

Much ado about new interpretations of old governing documents.

A review of how all sides see the founding documents.

An analysis of whether we would be better served to follow the old words more closely.

BlockChain: for the win

BlockChain, because it is inevitably linked to BitCoin, often gets maligned.

But, is there a second wind for BlockChain, one that challenges the dominance of international banks without becoming so large it attracts government oversight?